About Lucas Industries


LUCAS INDUSTRIES/PCM INNOVATION offers fully integrated solutions in engineering and tooling.

OUR CUSTOMERS are world leaders in the aviation, space, and transportation sectors.

OUR PRODUCTS are assembly lines, fixtures, molds for advanced composites and short series parts.

OUR TEAM MEMBERS aim for excellence. They are innovative, agile, creative and passionate about our profession.





Build an international group acting as an industrialization integrator for aerospace and transportation.




40 Years of history and experience

Privately owned:  Jean-François Hamel, CEO and majority shareholder alongside 8 key management partners

Project management supported by performance indicators, PLM, and ERP systems

Low turn-over and very good health and safety record

Constant investment in R&D and training


People on our diverse team

Engineers and tool designers

+ CNC programmers and operators

+ Composite material specialists

+ Metrology specialists

+ Certified welders and tool makers

+ Metal mold polishers

+ Pattern & molds experts and finishers




PCM INNOVATION and CORIMA TECHNOLOGIES announced the creation of PCM ENGINEERING. This joint venture enable both partners to increase their international reach and their offer of engineering services.

 PCM ENGINEERING act as an engineering and design office for the production of manufacturing tools and assembly stations to the leading French, European and especially Toulouse region aeronautical contractors. This new service is dedicated to clients in the aerospace industry looking for structured companies, with robust and internationally oriented skills. In addition, the new team help meet increased design needs related to the growth of the two parent companies.

 This engineering department have a team of highly specialized employees. They supplement the teams and plants of the already well-established parent companies in Canada, France, USA and Mexico, with a total of 100 engineering professionals on both sides of the Atlantic.



PCM INNOVATION acquires Lucas Industries which operate under the name of PCM Innovation USA, as an American division of the group.

 Lucas Industries is a company specialized in precision aerospace tooling which offers a wide range of products, including molds for composite materials and production fixtures. It has also developed a unique expertise in the machining of composite parts for helicopters with more than 47 years of manufacturing experience.
This new division will strengthen the position of PCM INNOVATION Group within North America, adding a plant in Vermont that will rely on a team of 45 highly specialized employees.



PCM INNOVATION acquires TECHFAB Inc. which will now operates under the name of PCM TECHFAB Inc., as a division of the group. TECHFAB, with more than 25 years of manufacturing experience and originally known as Techfab Gauthier Inc., is a company specialized in assembly workstations and tooling for aerospace, as well as a sub-contractor in CNC 5-axis machining, turning and gun-drilling. Merging the capabilities of both companies will enable to better serve the Quebec aerospace cluster with a facility in Montreal-Est, which will count 50 highly specialized employees. The PCM INNOVATION group now counts about 200 employees.



PCM INNOVATION acquires and merges Halberg Design Inc. with its PCM Innovation Montréal Inc. division. The transaction also includes Halberg Design Corp., a U.S. company based in West Virginia.  Integrating the proven capabilities of both companies ensures that PCM is better suited to serve Quebec’s aerospace industry with a Montreal office that includes more than 50 engineers and designers working in teams specialized in aerostructure, aeroengines, satellite systems and advanced composites parts.



PCM experiences an important growth, now that the company is able to propose assembly stations and complex Tools.

Implementation of a third extra-large 5 axis machining center of high precision.



PCM receives the High Honour Avenir Award by Desjardins. In July, PCM acquires the engineering activity of The Montreal firm BRT Solutions, to enhance his panel of services for customers from the aerospace and transportation markets.



New partnerships are signed with CORIMA Technologies (France) and CREAFORM 3D (Canada).



Laser tracker technology is bought and a new large size oven is installed.



Installation of the latest technology in 5 axis CNC milling. High precision and high speed, this center is able to work in titanium as well as carbon composites.



Jean-Francois Hamel comes in as the new majority shareholder with two new partners. Catia V5 and Laser scanner technologies are implemented.



Installation of the largest 5 axis CNC in Canada. A new composites room is built, high capacity overhead cranes are added and a CMM Romer arm is bought. PCM wins the Galea Award of SME of the Year.



PCM wins the 2004 Fidéides Company of the Year Award



PCM doubles the production building surface and buys a number of CNC centers.



Construction of the main plant and head office in Ste-Claire, Quebec (Canada), 30 minutes south from Quebec City.



PCM is created by a team of 8 shareholders that have worked together for the past 20 years.