Manufacturing Support

Manufacturing Support - ToolingManufacturing Support - Welding

The key to supporting all of the specialized and unique manufacturing areas located within our facility is a good foundation. For Lucas Industries a PCM Innovation company, that foundation and support comes from our Tool Room and in house Weld Shop.

Our Tool Room is the location where many of our projects take shape, are sent for in process work or return for completion. This capable shop hand works all of our projects. Whether it's gluing up parts for machining, trim work, sanding, cutting, polishing or final assembly to package for shipment, the Tool Room plays a vital role in all aspects of our manufacturing process.

We are also fortunate enough to have our own Weld Shop located within Lucas Industries a PCM Innovation company. This allows us to fabricate, in house, the base components, core structures and accessory pieces of many of the custom projects designed and manufactured at Lucas Industries a PCM Innovation company.