Specializing in Composite and Mechanical Engineering, Lucas Industries a PCM INNOVATION COMPANY offers creative, innovative and cost effective engineering solutions for every design scenerio. We collaborate with our customers, working closely with them as we integrate our knowledge, quality and experience to successfully design and develop projects.

Composite materials can be formed into complex shapes with more specific properties than their mechanical counterparts. Lucas employs our extensive experience in areas such as bagging methods, fiber orientation, the curing process, debulking procedures and infusion techniques to provide customers state-of-the-art designs in advanced composites engineering.

Our design capabilites range from custom and proprietary tool design to reverse engineering customer supplied parts or contour mylars. We offer a secure FTP site for customer communication that supports .IGES, .STEP and .DXF files. On-site, we utilize CATIA (V4 & V5) for our design software and translate to program for contour milling, creating a paperless manufacturing process.

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