The use of composite materials in all industries continues to increase at a dramatic pace. This is in part, due to the ability of manufacturers to produce innovative, light weight structures that are more durable, corrosion resistant and easier to maintain than their metal counterparts. Lucas Industries a PCM Innovation company offers more than 30 years experience in the field of Composites Technology.

Using an array of materials such as carbon fabric, aramid and fiberglass in a variety of different methods, Lucas offers a controlled atmosphere environment for processes such as material kitting, composite curing, wet layups and compression molding. Our capabilities range from producing simple fairings, radomes, antenna frames and control fins to complex split molds, wash-out mandrels, carbon/epoxy high temperature molds and custom EMI shields. Lucas designs and manufactures composite parts/tooling for weight critical applications. We also fabricate prototype parts and assemblies for a wide range of industries.

We maintain a variety of equipment in our Composite Department such a 5' x 14' Anchor autoclave with a125psi / 400°F curing capacity, a 300 ton capacity press, TCU's (hot oil) for curing and walk-in ovens. Our knowledge, facility, equipment and experience make Lucas Industries a PCM Innovation company a versatile, competitive and reliable source for any composite design and fabrication.